“One only needs common sense to
 make money in the stock market”
                      Porinju Veliyath Biography
Personally am the type of person who gets inspired by people who have proved their capability by succeeding in their field through hard work and smart work which lead them a rich life from nothing.

Porinju Veliyath is amongst that list of inspiration who started from a penny and now is known as the leading penny stock investor and an owner of the portfolio management firm ‘equity intelligence‘.

A law graduate who found his interest in equity back in the 90s and now has a portfolio of around 1300 crore. 


Belonging from a lower-middle-class family often lead to less exposure to the world, so was Porinju who came from a small village named Chalakudy in Kerala.

His dream to become rich started at his early teens when he was 16 and his parents were unable to raise fund for his higher education.

Porinju had to move to Ernakulam, Kerala’s biggest city since his home was sold due to high debt and for completing his education.

He began working as an accountant in a private firm at Rs 1000 /month and then at telephone exchange for Rs 2500. also, he had to face difficulty since he was a teen and they were homeless.

To save on rentals Veliyath pursued a law program at Ernakulam city which offered cheap accommodation and canteen for the next 5 years.

after graduating he jumped a train to Mumbai which lead him a job at Kotak securities through an acquaintance as an office clerk.

He sustained in the trading floors as Francis for almost 9 years since Porinju was difficult to remember for market people. 

With the experience he gained for the last 9 years he understood that common sense is the only key to climb the ropes of the stock market.




WIFE:          Litty Porinju

SON:           Sunny Porinju

DAUGHTER:      Shilpa Porinju


With 9 years of experience, he left Mumbai and landed back to Kerala with his first investment in Geojit Financial Services at 8% stake.

Back at that time, he ensured George that his company, GEOJIT with Rs 2.5 crore valuation would trade at Rs 1000 crore in a few years which became a profitable business for both but except the company has touched Rs 280.65 crore.

Since 2003 Veliyath claimed that he generated 33% compounded gains out of his investment portfolio.

 Then he bought back the land his family sold decades ago building a luxurious farmhouse on it.


Born in 2002 and started walking forward with a key objective of reaping growth at a healthy rate and value investing to create long term wealth.

Equity intelligence main products PMS(Portfolio Management Service) and Alternative Investment Fund.

Also, the company demands funds more than Rs 50 lacs for all those who are willing to join the family and invest their capital hassle-free.

With almost 33% profit after 2003, it is in the top firms listed in the SEBI.


Keep it simple
                             Don’t have any hard and fast rules while picking stocks. Avoid implementing difficult analysis technique taught by frauds.

Buy small company with high-quality business
                              Avoid investing in great companies with the clean balance sheet, honest management and clear business visibility, since “bank FD’s would beat your portfolio returns”.


1. Wockhardt
2. Orient Paper
3. Piramal enterprises
4. Shreyas Shipping 
5. Balaji Amines
6. Force Motors
7. Biocon
8. Jubilant Life
10. JBM Auto
11. L T Foods
12. DCM Shriram
13. Geojit
14. Federal bank 
15. TCI


Work smart and set an aim for your future which would eventually make your life successful and happy as Porinju.

Now he is following his family profession farming with a good revenue from the investment which he had made while he was young and energetic.

He is also involved in organic farming with a good no. of charity programs.
PORINJU farm house

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